About Us

Finding a Better Way to Trade

Our team started trading several years ago when cryptocurrencies weren’t as popular as they were now. Since they were new to the market, there wasn’t much information about them, so we would have to take many hours from our day to investigate and figure out how they worked.

When trading platforms started to include cryptocurrencies (Such as Bitcoin) into their system, we were very excited to see how they would grow over time. Not only did Bitcoin grow, but there were also several new cryptocurrencies created. This meant that you could have a wide variety of cryptos to trade, and you could choose the one that fit your needs the best.

However, we decided to focus on Bitcoin since it was the most prominent one (And it still is). After much practice and investigation, we found out that time and emotions were two big factors when it came to trading any type of asset. These factors could determine how fast you could gain skills as a trader, so we used that information to develop our tool.

How Bitcoin Smarter Can Improve Your Trading

Time is important because you need to invest a lot of it at the beginning if you want to become better, but not many people were too excited to spend several hours looking at a computer monitor. On the other hand, emotions play a big part in trading because they can affect our decision-making process.

  • Professionals always recommend that you try to relax as much as possible before a trading session; this is because having a clearer mind can help you create better trading strategies, rather than executing trades impulsively. After considering that, we decided to make our tool as user-friendly and intuitive as possible so that you could both save time and prevent some of the stress that comes with trading.
  • If you don’t have any experience with trading, you can still use Bitcoin Smarter to your advantage; the app’s interface provides insight as to how you can approach each trading session with the different settings. This can help you develop a better trading plan the first time you’re using the app.
  • Whether you’re using this app to learn more about trading or trade more efficiently, we’re positive that this is a reliable tool that anyone can use to become better and be more efficient with their time.

Start Using Bitcoin Smarter!

Our primary goal was always to help our community. We understand that getting into trading for the first time can be stressful or overwhelming for most people, which is why we wanted to create something that improved that first-time experience.

As professional traders, we believe that the key to better trading is to be consistent and patient. However, that doesn’t mean spending your entire day on a computer to find good trades; by using Bitcoin Smarter, you can enjoy the benefits of trading while you spend your free time on other activities that you enjoy.

If you need a reliable tool to begin your next trading session, join us and start using Bitcoin Smarter!